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Why Won’t They Call Back or Answer My Email?

I always thought people didn’t respond to my calls, proposals and letters because they didn’t like me, but then I got thinking that they hadn’t met me so how could they not like me? There must be another reason. I … Continue reading

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Lumpy Mail Gets Their Attention

I am a fan of “lumpy” mail as long as it is part of at least a 12 month contact strategy. Lumpy mail which is something three dimensional and mailed in an envelope can be used every 3rd or 4th … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Take NO for an Answer!

Based on a study by The National Sales Executive Association I have a whole new outlook on the word “no” Now that I know I am going to hear it 98% of the time when I ask for the order … Continue reading

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When Is the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails to Your Database?

The answer is 6:30am.  Marketing messages, newsletters or other client communications should be in your client’s mail box when they start their day.  Two other strategic times are during lunch and near the end of the day. This is because … Continue reading

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Client Gift Idea for Christmas – Personalized Memo Pads

It is that time of year and you are wracking your brain for a simple item of value you can send to your clients (and prospects) that will make you stand out in their minds without going over the top. … Continue reading

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Halloween Cient Appreciation Idea – Custom Candy Box

You may think you are alone in celebrating Halloween, but nearly two-thirds (64.5%) of Americans were planning to celebrate Halloween in 2008 and spend an average of $66.54, according to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, … Continue reading

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3 Referral Myths – Or Why Your Phone is Not Ringing

There are three inalienable truths about building your business through referrals; you need to ask for referrals in person, you need to make it as easy as possible for someone to pass on a referral to you and you need … Continue reading

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New Eye Tracking Study: List Layouts

The Catalyst Group provides a wide range of services that make your website or application as simple and useful as possible so that it performs measurably better. They recently published the results of a new eye Tracking study of “friends” … Continue reading

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Direct Marketing Study Results

The Direct Marketing Association has just released the Power of Direct economic impact study. There were some interesting findings on Return On Investment (ROI) and the amount being spent on different forms of direct marketing. Email’s ROI in 2008 was … Continue reading

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Top 10 Email Subject Line CatchWords

A recent study released by Mailer Mailer, a leading provider of email marketing services, determined the top 10 words used in email subject lines. Ten Most Popular Terms 1. news 2. party 3. newsletter 4. free 5. night 6. sale … Continue reading

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