Realtor or Business Personal Infographic

Do you have a personal brochure you can provide new clients or give out at open houses? If not, think about a Personal Infographic where you convey almost all of the important information about you on a single page.

In addition to having all of your contact information, it allows you to highlight achievements, give a bit of personal and professional background about yourself and highlight why people should work with you.

Below is a mock-up of my personal Infographic (the Awards and Achievements are examples only), but for only $99.00* we can create a customized Infographic for you. Complete the form below to get started.

*Limited time offer.


Complete the form below to get started.

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Consumer Trust In Advertising

According to Nielsen’s latest Trust In Advertising report. The good news for advertisers is that consumers around the globe are more trusting now than they were several years ago. In fact, the study reveals that trust in online advertising is increasing, as is trust in ads on TV, radio and movie screens.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, often referred to as earned advertising, are still the most influential, but trust in advertising on branded websites increased 9 percentage points to 69 percent in 2013 as the second most trusted format.

I think this survey underscores the importance of having a website and the impact it can have on your prospects. Check out our website development options by clicking here.

NIelsen under-the-influence-consumer-trust-in-advertising

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Three Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Program

#1 Use Headlines That Grab Attention

You have five seconds or less to make enough of an impact on the reader that they will either set aside your direct mail for reading later or flip it over while they are looking at it.

Bad Headlines                            Good Headlines

Just Sold – 1234 Main Street         Selling? That Is What I Just Did in Your Neighbourhood

Just Sold – 1234 Main Street         Check Out the Real Estate Market in Mount Pleasant!

Just Listed – 1234 Main Street       Looking for a BIGGER Home for Your Growing Family?

Just Listed – 1234 Main Street       Kids Moving Out? Perfect Home for Downsizing

#2 Mix it Up

There are many direct mail experts telling you that a minimum of 12, 18 or 24 pieces a year is required, but depending on your budget and resources I would aim for 12 touches a year and mix them up. Over the 12 months you could send the following:

  • Four “Just Listed/Just Sold” 6×9-inch postcards
  • Two memo pads with the title Things To Do Today
  • Four market update newsletters on letter-sized glossy paper
  • Two non-real-estate-related postcards (see #3 below for ideas)

#3 Make it Worthy of the Refrigerator

If your direct mail is a picture of a house you just sold, then it is only of interest to the seven per cent of people thinking of moving, but if it included valuable information it is far more likely to be retained for future reference or even end up on the fridge.

Here are some “fridge-worthy” ideas to get you going.

Local Events Schedule: Send them a calendar of all of the local events. It is something they will read and put on the fridge for reference and the connection to you will be much stronger as they will appreciate the effort you have made – but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money.

Blank Phone Number Directory: On the back of a direct mail piece you can have a heading “Important Phone Numbers” and lines they can write on. Without a Yellow Pages, important numbers are often hard to find. It is unselfish and shows you are thinking about the recipient.  Put it this way: it is about them not you and it will be kept by the recipient for a long time as they complete it and the numbers are important to them.

Local Restaurant Directory: Research and compile a list of local restaurants near your farm area. Ask yourself if you would keep a local Restaurant Guide? Would you tuck it into the drawer in the kitchen or put it up on the refrigerator? Would it make you think of the sender every time you looked at it? Would it keep them closer to the top of your mind when you are thinking of using their service or product? This piece is perfect for “refrigerator marketing” as it is kept on the fridge for a lot longer than a sale flyer or Just Listed postcard.

Direct Mail Idea for Summer: Compile a list of local golf courses and water parks where families like to go and put all of the information on the back of postcard.

Like all of your marketing efforts, direct mail is a process. It requires planning, preparation and hard work to maximize the return on investment. It costs the same to mail an ineffective direct mail piece as it does an effective mail piece. The difference is in the effort you put into the process.

Read the entire guest blog post we wrote for Real Estate Weekly by clicking here. Read more about direct mail marketing by clicking here.

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Top 10 Reasons We Create WordPress Blogs and Websites

We offer a wide range of marketing services from branding to direct mail to slogans and websites using the Ubertor platform, but over the past 6 months we have added WordPress websites and blogs to the list of services we offer.

In addition to having thousands of ready-to-go, inexpensive themes to choose from here are the top 10 reasons we think WordPress is a great option.

  1. Contain structured content
  2. Can embed video
  3. Integrate Social Media
  4. Feature image galleries
  5. Capture leads with contact forms
  6. Have eye catching image sliders
  7. Contain search forms
  8. Are easy to navigate
  9. Equipped with security features
  10. Totally scalable to grow with your company

Here are a few recent websites and blogs we created.

A blog for model Jessica Gomes who has appeared in 7 Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions.

jessoffduty_com June 13

Jessica Gomes Blog – Jess Off Duty

Our own website at Limelight Marketing. This image does not do it justice.

limelight marketing website

Limelight Marketing WordPress Website

A Consulting and HR company called The Acquisition Group. You really need to visit the website to see how functional it is.

theacquisitiongroup_com June 16

The Acquisition Group

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How To Create an Effective Print Ad

This advice on how to create and effective ad from  Jay Levinson “The Father of Guerilla Marketing” can be applied to almost all of your marketing.


Here is a way for to create print ads that increase sales by visually attracting the attention of a reader’s unconscious mind. This method is called scan motion.

Businesses are heavy users of print advertisements because initial cost is low and the target market is pinpointed. We use print advertising because we want top-of-the-mind awareness which results in our business being remembered first during the buying decision. Get this awareness by designing ads to have four components:

1. VISIBILITY: The unconscious eye is attracted to ads by these four factors: ad shape (rectangular ads which are taller than they are wide are best), color, graphics and headlines.

2. READABILITY: This is because people do not really read ads, but scan them instead. Scanning begins at the top left of an ad, continues to the bottom right, and stops at the bottom left.

3. THEME: You have but three seconds to impart your message, so use subheads, underlining, boldface, or something to emphasize the essential words along the scan motion from top left to bottom right.

4. STATS: Now, convert attention into a buying decision with you logo, unique selling proposition, business name and any other statistics a reader may need to be transformed into a customer.

If you create your ad contrary to scan motion, the reading of your ad will require additional energy — increasing the likelihood of the ad being ignored.

Check out our new Limelight Marketing website.

Limelight New Twitter

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New Ubertor Website Design

New Ubertor Website Design

We just finished designing Team Hamre’s website. They came to us with a cluttered site with a narrow template. We customized their site using the Ubertor Platform. Click here to launch the project

My team at Limelight Marketing specializes in Real Estate Marketing, branding and website design. We are experienced in Search Engine Optimization, and can help you increase your ranking in Google.



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2013 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 130,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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