Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out – “Quirky” Holiday Marketing

Sending a card to your client on days like Valentine, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas is like trying to beat the traffic by leaving the office at 5:00pm or waiting until the end of the football game to leave. You are going to be stuck in the crowd.

Why not use one of the hundreds of “quirky” holidays as a reason to contact clients and past customers? They won’t be expecting anything on that date and your competition will be nowhere to be found.

Groundhog Day Card

Groundhog Day Card

I received the card to the right from a Realtor and on the inside he wrote “Just as the Groundhog keeps a close watch on the weather forecast to predict spring’s arrival, I always keep a close watch on the latest news and trends in the local real state market.

So when the time comes to buy or sell, or you can if you simply have a few questions, you can rely on me for all your real estate needs no matter what the season.

In the meantime let me wish you Happy Groundhogs Day.”

He stood out from the crowd and delivered a valuable message at the right time of year for people thinking of selling their homes in the Spring and Summer.

To make it easy for you here is a list I compiled of “quirky and unusual” holidays. If you need some help tying them into your marketing give me a call. While I checked most of them you might want to do a quick search to make sure they are legitimate and what they represent:

Polar Bear Plunge or Swim Day – January 1
Global Family Day – January 1
National Personal Trainer Awareness Day – January 2
Drinking Straw Day – January 3
Trivia Day – January 4
Bubble Bath Day – January 8
Organize Your Home Day – January 14

Freedom Day – February 1
Groundhog Day – February 2
National Stop Bullying Day – February 9
Valentines Day – February 14
Innovation Day – February 16
Mardi Gras – February 21
World Thinking Day – February 22

World Book Day – March 1
International Scrapbooking Industry Day – March 4
Organize Your Home Office Day – March 8
International Fanny Pack Day – March 10
Daylight Saving Time Begins – March 11
First Day of Spring – March 20
Daylight Saving Time Begins – March 22
Earth Hour – March 31

April Fools – April 1
Good Friday – April 6
Easter – April 8
Easter Monday – April 9
Get To Know Your Customers Day – April 19
Earth Day – April 22
Morse Code Day – April 27
National Dance Day – April 29
National Honesty Day – April 30

National Teacher Day – May 8
Cinco de Mayo – May 5
Dance Like a Chicken Day – May 14
National Chocolate Chip Day – May 15
National Sea Monkey Day – May 16
Artichoke Day – May 19-20
National Waiters and Waitresses Day – May 21
Tap Dance Day – May 25
Learn About Composting Day – May 29

Hug Your Cat Day – June 4
World Environment Day – June 5
National Yo-Yo Day – June 6
Iced Tea Day – June 10
Red Rose Day – June 12
Go Fishing Day – June 18
Paul Bunyan Day – June 28

Canada Day – July 1
Independence Day (US) – July 4
Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day – July 6
Chocolate Day – July 7
Pecan Pie Day – July 12
Cow Appreciation Day – July 15
National Hot Dog Day – July 23

Girlfriend’s Day – August 1
Watermelon Day – August 3
Friendship Day – August 5
National Relaxation Day – August 15
Hug Your Boss Day – August 17
Cupcake Day – August 20
National Dog Day – August 26

Labor Day – September 3
Google Commemoration (Founded) Day – September 7
National Grandparent’s Day – September 9
Greenpeace Day – September 15
International Day of Peace – September 22
Punctuation Day – September 24
National Good Neighbor Day – September 28
National Coffee Day – September 29

World Vegetarian Day – October 1
Improve Your Office Day – October 4
Free Thought Day – October 12
World Food Day – October 16
Make A Difference Day – October 27
Checklist Day – October 30
National Family Literacy Day – November 1
Daylight Saving Time ends – November 4
Windows Day (Microsoft) – November 10
Thanksgiving Day – November 22
National Day of Listening – November 27
National High Five Day – December 1
Poinsettia Day – December 12
National Re-gifting Day – December 20
Crossword Puzzle Day – December 21
Festivus – December 23
Boxing Day (Canada) – December 26
New Years Eve – December 31
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  1. Katt says:

    I like this idea…..Thinking outside the box….Great!

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