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Have You Created your Bing Business Portal?

Claim and enhance your business listing on Bing. Its free! Last week I wrote a blog post about Google Places (click here) and did not give it much thought until I was sitting with a client and Googled my name. … Continue reading

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Google Places – Help customers find you on Google Maps

Do you want to know the best way to move your website up in search engine rankings and to be found on the internet? Use Google Places to create a free listing.When potential customers search Maps for local information, they’ll … Continue reading

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Are Daily Deals Going To Help Your Business? Or Hurt Customer Loyalty?

For some businesses yes and for others, no. But I would be more concerned about your customer loyalty than the impact on profits. Any business can give away a product at 50% off. Let’s say you have a $100.00 coupon … Continue reading

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Why Won’t They Call Back or Answer My Email?

I always thought people didn’t respond to my calls, proposals and letters because they didn’t like me, but then I got thinking that they hadn’t met me so how could they not like me? There must be another reason. I … Continue reading

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Lumpy Mail Gets Their Attention

I am a fan of “lumpy” mail as long as it is part of at least a 12 month contact strategy. Lumpy mail which is something three dimensional and mailed in an envelope can be used every 3rd or 4th … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Take NO for an Answer!

Based on a study by The National Sales Executive Association I have a whole new outlook on the word “no” Now that I know I am going to hear it 98% of the time when I ask for the order … Continue reading

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When Is the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails to Your Database?

The answer is 6:30am.  Marketing messages, newsletters or other client communications should be in your client’s mail box when they start their day.  Two other strategic times are during lunch and near the end of the day. This is because … Continue reading

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